What Are FIFA 20 Hyperlinks?

What Are FIFA 20 Hyperlinks?

When completing FIFA 20 squad builder challenges or even designing an Ultimate Team squad, you may hear the phrase FIFA 20 hyperlinks.

A FIFA 20 hyperlink is simply a perfect link between two players. By perfect, they are the same nationality and from the same club. 

Here is a good example of Harry Kane and Dele Alli:

FIFA 20 Hyperlink Example

What are the benefits of a hyperlink?

The major benefit from FIFA 20 hyperlinks is that both players can still get 9 chemistry even if they have 2 red links! The red links mean the players around them are from a different league/nation. 

Therefore a hyperlink is different from a normal strong link which is also green, however, is only from either the players being from the same club or nation. With strong links to get 9 chemistry you need 1 amber link to neutralise the 1 red link. 

Here is a FIFA 20 strong links example using the same setup as above. However, now we use Kane and Eriksen. 

FIFA 20 Strong Links Example

Now you will only get 6 chemistry between the players instead of 9. You will need to get a player from either the same country or league to get an amber link so that they can get 9 chemistry.

How to get 10 chemistry from a FIFA 20 hyperlink?

To get 10 chemistry for the hyperlink players, you either need to have pulled the players from a pack or have played 10 games with the players. 

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