FIFA 20 Patch 5 – RIP Drop Back Tactic

FIFA 20 Patch 5 – RIP Drop Back Tactic

Since the start of FIFA 20, the most overpowered way of playing has been using the defensive drop back tactic. There is nothing more frustrating then coming up against a Weekend League opponent that will literally park their bus right where your fans are. It gets so close to the fans that it makes you think if there are any passengers inside. 

We have some good news to bring to you regarding the latest FIFA 20 patch (5) which came out on the 29th October 2019. There are various fixes but one of the main ones has been to reduce this extreme counter attacking tactic. It made playing possession/Tiki-taka football significantly less effective than in real life.

Along with gameplay changes, there was also the release of new FIFA 20 player faces.

Summary of FIFA 20 Patch 5 Gameplay Changes

The actual pitch notes is quite a long and arduous read, we will summarise the main FIFA 20 fixes for you:

  1. If your team loses possession, the Drop Back Defensive Tactic will no longer apply pressure to the opponents team. This allows more space for the offensive player to build an attack from winning the ball back.
  2. For 4 at the back (atb) formations, the midfield line has a maximum capacity of 4
  3. For 3atb formations, midfield line has a maximum capacity of 3
  4. Standing tackles have become more effective, as more chance for attacker to lose balance after a standing tackle
  5. Reduction in effectiveness of first timed shots and volleys from outside and on the edge of the box 
  6. In general, first time shots have increased in error and less accuracy, speed and spin with all volleys
  7. Slight reduction in error reduction for difficult shots for those with shooting stats between 91-99. Therefore more error for more difficult shots even for the best strikers in the game. Not impact finesse/chip shots.
  8. The long shot attribute comes into effect now when the shot is taken 21.67 yards or further away from goal
  9. The finishing attribute is in effect when the shot is 18.33 yards from goal or closer
  10. Higher chance now of shots going off-target from 15 yards and further from the target
  11. The most likelihood of missing the target happens from distance exceeds 18.33 yards
  12. Ground passes or driven passes will have less pace on them from difficult angles
  13. This only effects passes covering a difference of 13.33 yards and upwards
  14. CPU AI goalkeepers will not show the direction to which they will dive when playing Legendary/Ultimate difficulty.
  15. The CAM no longer is part of the defensive line following a set piece in the following formations: 4-1-2-1-2 (2), 4-3-1-2, and 5-2-1-2.
  16. Better decision making when rushing the goalkeeper out. E.g. not clearing the ball if there is no pressure around him.
  17. Previously, the goalkeeper would not try to make a save when a Penalty Kick was close to him. This has changed now.

Summary of FIFA 20 Patch 5 FUT Changes

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Patch 5

FIFA 20 Ultimate Team Patch 5 has addressed the following issues:

  1. Removed the glitch when playing with a guest player which showed them playing for the opposition team
  2. Removal of the Quick Sub option appearing in Swaps House Rule as the mode does not support substitutions
  3. Searching on the Transfer Market from a concept player will no longer come up with preset position/max coin value settings.
  4. Chemistry changes from position modifiers not being reflected in Team performance
  5. Incorrect chemistry in SBC screen until logging out and back into FUT 20
  6. The Skill Rating logo was incorrectly displayed next to your Weekly Score on the Rivals HUB
  7. PC Only issue: E button not functioning correctly on the Club Tab when Multi-Swap was active

Summary of FIFA 20 Patch 5 Career Mode Changes

FIFA 20 Career Mode Patch 5 has addressed the following issues:

  1. Unable to skip the cinematics for some important matches
  2. When creating a Pro in player career and selecting black shoes they would show as completely black
  3. Now your Pro can be set at a maximum height of 6ft 9″

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