FIFA 20 FUT Champions Infomation

FIFA 20 FUT Champions Infomation

FUT Champions is also known as Weekend League which occurs on a weekly basis. If you have never played FUT Champions before, it is an allocation of 30 matches which you can play anytime between Friday 8am (GMT) and Monday 8am (GMT). After completing as many matches as you can during this time frame you will receive rewards at 9am (GMT) Thursday of that week.

When Does FIFA 20 FUT Champions Start?

FUT Champions starts on FIFA 20 from 8am (GMT) on the 4th October to 8am (GMT) 7th October. Similarly to last year, you will have up to 30 matches you can complete. 

How To Qualify For FIFA 20 FUT Champions?

You need to qualify for FUT Champions on FIFA 20 just like in FIFA 19. Basically, you need to get 2000 “Champions Points” to have an entry which you need to manually redeem each week to get into FUT Champions. You will need to redeem your points before 8am (GMT) Saturday each week to play FUT Champs that weekend. Do not forget that if you do not redeem your points you can use them for a future Weekend League.

There are 2 ways you can qualify for FUT Champs:

  1. Division Rivals
  2. Gaining 2000 FUT Champions Points from FUT Champs

1. Division Rivals

It is important to note that everyone has to qualify for the first FUT Champions by gaining the 2000 FUT Champions Points by completing Division Rival games. You get rewarded Champions Points by just playing these games and obviously get more points for victories.

Along with getting more Champion points by winning, you also get a better multiplier for your points if you are in a higher division. We created an very useful table you can use to see the specific Championship Points you get per win/draw/loss for your Division.

[table id=1 /]  

A benefit with Division Rivals is the rewards it brings. Along with FUT Champion rewards every Thursday, EA give out special rewards for playing Division Rivals. The better your performance in Division Rivals will provide you more lucrative rewards.

Depending on your rank and division you may also be gifted some Champion points when you receive your Division Rivals rewards on Thursday morning (9am GMT). Here is the table illustrating the Champion points given as rewards.

[table id=2 /]

2. FUT Champions

If you are able to play most of your FUT Champions games each week then it is likely that you are able to qualify each week from playing FUT Champions. The one exception is the first week where you must play Division Rivals to qualify for FUT Champions. 

In FIFA 19, you could get the required 2000 Champions points by finishing with a Silver 1 ranking. One must now finish in Gold 3 (14 wins out of 30) to gain the necessary 2000 Champions points.

You will still get Champions Points by finishing with less than 14 wins, here is a table showing exactly what each finish grants you

[table id=3 /]

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