Castro FIFA 20 Team – October 2019

Castro FIFA 20 Team – October 2019

Castro1021 is the largest FIFA 20 streamer on Twitch. Not only has he got the largest FIFA 20 following but he is also pretty good at FIFA. We will show you the latest Castro FIFA 20 team which was from Weekend League 3.

He did make one significant change in building this team by removing Icon Ronaldo (R9) from his team for Icon Daglish. He initially wanted to reinvest the coins from the sale for Mid Icon Maradona but the stream wanted him to use a randomiser for him or Daglish.

The software continually landed on Daglish which left a frustrated and perplexed Castro! Being a man of his word, he was forced into buying Daglish instead of Maradona.

Castro FIFA 20 Team

Castro FIFA 20 Team

You would hope Castro1021 would have a decent team since he does go through about as many packs as the whole of a small country combined 😉

The team has a current value of almost 24 million FIFA 20 coins on PS4! Here is the breakdown of the player prices and console prices thanks to Futbin. 

Castro FIFA 20 Console Prices

Castro Team Prices

Potential Improvements


Especially since this team did not go 30-0 unlike his team in Weekend League 2, we can only expect Castro to change the team up a little for Weekend League 4. Andy Robertson for one is someone that could be replaced pretty quickly. There are a plethora of options in LB, the one who is probably the best candidate would be Roberto Carlos. 

Roberto Carlos is one of the best all-rounded players in FIFA 20, plus he has one of the best free kicks in the game! 

Van Dijk is truly one of the best CBs in the game, but either when he gets an IF card or when TOTY comes out, Castro will surely upgrade his card.

Hopefully, David De Gea while either get a special card or be upgraded to an Icon keeper as the team looks much more appealing to the eyes when it doesn’t have any gold rare cards in it! 


Your Thoughts

Who would you bring into the Castro1021 FIFA 20 team? He has quite a bit of FIFA coins to spend as Daglish is significantly cheaper than R9 Ronaldo. Would you even suggest purchasing Maradona as he was going to do?

Leave your thoughts in the comments or tweet us or @castro1021

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