Top 3 Best Value FIFA 20 Icons

Top 3 Best Value FIFA 20 Icons

We are just currently in the third FIFA 20 FUT Champions weekend and have had a chance to try and view many reviews from the FIFA 20 Icons. The question remains to who is the best value FIFA 20 Icon?

There are some exceptional options out there and we will review the top 3 best value FIFA 20 Icons. In our opinion, the best 3 FIFA 20 Legends/Icons for FIFA 20 coins are: Okocha, Ballack and Matthaus

3. Jay-Jay Okocha (OVR 85)

Icon Version: Base

Recommended Chemistry Style: Sniper

Height: 5ft 8″ | 173 cm

Country: Nigeria

Best regular stats: 94 agility, 93 dribbling, 91 acceleration

Skill moves/weak foot: ★★★★★/★★★★

Cost: 380k PS4 / 360k Xbox One

The base FIFA 20 Okocha Icon card is an unbelievable bargain. The reason why this version of the card is so cheap is because it is also an Icon Swaps card. Meaning you can actually get him for free by getting 8 player tokens. However, if you want to use those tokens for a different player than Base Icon Okocha, he is a steal at 380k PS4 and 360k Xbox One respectively.

Here are the FIFA 20 in-game stats of Jay-Jay Okocha. The dribbling stats are analogous to those of Lionel Messi. His agility is actually 1 stat better than Messi and he has 5 star skill moves also! His shooting and pace are pretty super for a winger. His passing is proficient also and he will be a great addition in either RM/RW/RF. If you apply either a sniper or deadeye chemistry style his finishing goes up to 90 so you will have no problems playing him as a RF. His shooting also becomes an incredible 91.

Okocha In-Game Stats

Now there is one weakness with Okocha that we have seen in the previous FIFA’s. That is his stamina, however, his 75 stamina is exactly the same as Messi’s and that doesn’t stop Messi’s card costing close to 1.4 million coins. 

Okocha is also one of the most exciting FIFA 20 icons to play with as you will genuinely feel that anything is possible with the ball at his feet. He dances effortlessly past opponents and is extremely elegant to skill with. 

2. Ballack (OVR 89)

Icon Version: Middle

Height: 6ft 2″ | 188 cm

Recommended Chemistry Style: Engine

Country: German

Best regular stats: 92 short passing, 92 shot power, 91 long shots

Skill moves/weak foot: ★★★★/★★★★

Cost: 1.12 million PS4 / 1.16 million Xbox One


The mid Icon Ballack will remain as one of the best CMs in FIFA 20 during the year. He is such a popular card this year, not only since he is a new addition but because he has the perfect stats and physical attributes to be one of the best FIFA 20 CMs.

This 89 rated Ballack is not available through the Icon Swaps promotion. It is definitely worth investing coins in this mid Icon Ballack as opposed to the 86 base Ballack which has 6 less pace, 4 less dribbling and 5 less physical. 

Now you will be intrigued to see whether he warrants his 1 million FIFA 20 coin price tag. Let’s look at his in-game FUT 20 stats.

Ballack FIFA 20 in-game stats

Michael Ballack is a very impressive package. He has unbelievable shooting, with 92 shot power and 91 long shots! You will be able to score some absolute screamers with Ballack this year, while also getting a player who is perfect box to box player. He has 91 stamina so he has no issues running from one box to the other for you.

He is good defensively and will also tear the opponents defensive line with his sublime passing. His 92 short passing and 91 long passing really show, and you will soon be frustrated at your other players as he will make their passing ability look average.

You may think that 67 agility is a major weak point for Ballack, however, he does not feel like that in the game. If you are in a tricky situation where you need to make a quick escape/turn you can utilise a wide range of skill moves as he has 4 star skills. He also has 4 star weak foot which is perfect for snap shot shooting options. He makes up for the low agility and balance with 81 dribbling and amazing touch (90 ball control).

With an engine chemistry style applied, Ballack has 83 pace, 93 passing and 90 dribbling. Where his balance increases to 80 and agility to 72. Ballack is just the perfect CM to dominate you matches and do every facet of the game perfectly. Try him in a 4-5-1 where he is the lone CM and you will be amazed at the work load he does.

1. Lothar Matthäus (OVR 88)

Icon Version: Base

Height: 5ft 9″ | 174 cm

Recommended Chemistry Style: Engine

Country: German

Best regular stats: 96 interceptions, 95 reactions, 93 composure

Skill moves/weak foot: ★★★/★★★★

Cost: 900k PS4 / 800k Xbox One


The base Icon Matthaus is such a bargain on FIFA 20. You may think that it is a really poor card as he is 5ft 9″ and would be pretty bad in CB. However, the trick is not to play him in CB.

Either you can sub him on, change the formation as you start the game or even start him as a CDM with 6 chemistry if you have loyalty on him. You will save around 700k on buying this Matthaus rather than his 91 Mid Icon card. The only real difference between these 2 cards is that his 91 card has 5 better pace. For a CDM 82 pace is pretty sufficient and can be increased with chem styles. 

The base and mid Icon Matthaus are basically the same card. You wouldn’t believe it but this 88 Matthaus card has only 2 less in game stats than his 91 card! The 91 Matthaus costs 1.7 million FIFA 20 coins and has a total of 2448 in game stats, meanwhile the 88 Matthaus costs almost half and has a total of 2446 in game stats! That is why he is the best value FIFA 20 Icon in the game.

Let us have a look at base Icon Matthaus’ FIFA 20 in-game stats

Matthaus FIFA 20 in-game stats

Matthaus is an absolutely quality CDM/CM that will dominate the park for you. He is a FIFA 20 meta player as he has a low centre of gravity and has amazing interceptions and reactions. With his 96 interceptions, 95 reactions and 92 aggression he will constantly retrieve the ball back for you all game long. Plus, his 92 standing tackle and 91 sliding tackle is something that no other player in that position has.

He is also fast and has amazing passing stats and super long shooting capabilities. This card is a dream to have in your FUT 20 squad and will really make a difference to you winning more FUT Champion matches as you will regain the ball much more frequently with him in the middle of the park.

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