Best Post-October Patch FIFA 20 Formation

Best Post-October Patch FIFA 20 Formation

FIFA 20 has had it’s first big patch which came out on the 15th October 2019. This patch mainly addressed glitches and bugs such as the fitness glitch which meant that the fitness on a players card did not matter in game. These have been patched now, and along with this EA have also made small gameplay changes that have changed the effectiveness of different formations.

In our opinion and according to pro FIFA 20 player Ovvy, the best post 1.05 FIFA 20 patch formation is 4-2-2-2. This formation allows you to take advantage of the close proximity of all your players. The strikers are also less isolated than other popular formations such as 4-1-2-1-2 or 4-4-2

We will be reviewing his video where he shows his own custom tactics and player instructions.

FIFA 20 4-2-2-2 Best Custom Tactics

FIFA 20 Ovvy 4-2-2-2 custom tacticsWe prefer using 5 bars for depth as the players sit a little further up which allows your team to be more proactive when defending and give you quicker transitions into a counter-attack! 

Also, since scoring headers from corners is still very ineffective it is recommend to put corners to either 1 or 2 bars. That way you will have more players around the box that you can pass to and try and score on the ground instead.

FIFA 20 4-2-2-2 Best Player Instructions

4-2-2-2 player instructions


The best player instructions to do for all your defenders is “stay back while attacking”. This includes your left and right backs.


For your CDMs, it is preferred to have one defensive CDM and one all-rounded CDM. For the defensive CDM, keep them at “stay back while attacking” and change the “defensive position” to “cover centre”. For the other CDM you can keep the instructions as default. The CAMs are also kept as default.


The only change to your two strikers is to make an alteration to “Attacking Runs” to make it “Get in Behind”.

Change FIFA 20 Game Plan - 4-2-2-2

Ultra Defence game plan 4-2-2-2

It is important to have another game plan on FIFA 20. Especially on FUT Champions when you are trying to close out a match. We will be implementing an ultra defensive game plan just for that scenario! These are the tactics for the game plan:

Ultra defence FIFA 20 settings

For the player instructions this time, you have to use “Stay back while attacking” for all defenders and for both your CDMs. Also, make sure that both CDMs “cover centre” now under defensive position. For the two CAMs and two STs also have them come back on defence under “Defensive Support”.

FIFA 20 Ultra Attacking Game Plan

It is also important to have a game plan when you are almost down and out in the game and desperately need to score a goal. Check out the best FIFA 20 ultra attacking game plan:

FIFA 20 Ultra attacking game plan

For the player instructions you can keep everything the same apart from the two CAMs and STs. The one change you can make is to put “aggressive interceptions” under “Interceptions”.

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