Best Investments To Make FIFA 20 – October

Best Investments To Make FIFA 20 – October

Using data from last years FIFA SBCs and knowing the events that will come up in FIFA 20 during October, you can make A LOT of coins in investments. We will be showing you the most profitable investments that will see you gain a lot of coins this month.

Premier League Player of The Month

The FIFA 20 September Player of The Month will have an SBC out on the 11th October 2019. This will most likely be Kevin De Bruyne or Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Therefore, the SBC is going to be a lot more expensive than Player of The Month Pukki who won it last month. This means that higher rated cards and informs are very good investments to make.

FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream Event

FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream is the halloween promotion that is coming out on the 18th October 2019. The main effect with this promotion is the special cards that come out in packs as opposed to amazing SBCs. There was one special SBC last year which allowed you to get scream Koke and a mega pack. 

The best players to invest in for the FIFA 20 Ultimate Scream event are 83/84 rated players. Try to invest in popular nation players such as France, Spain, Germany, England as these are very popular in solutions and sometimes requirements just as Spanish players were last year in the Koke SBC. 

Best Players To Invest On FIFA 20 In October

  1. 84 Rated Informs

Have a look at the cheapest 84 informs here:

The reason why 84 rated informs are such good investments is because as the need for 83/84 rated players increases people will look to use higher rated informs rather than just 81 rated ones, hence they will pay the extra money for an 84 rated inform. These are amazing investments to make if you can afford to shell out 12-14k. Try to avoid goalkeepers if possible since they tend to rise the least. 

2. 83/84 Rated Players

As mentioned with the Ultimate Scream promo, 83 and 84 rated players will be required to complete SBCs. So their prices will increase by quite a bit. Our best advice would be either to have a big inventory of popular nation 83/84 players (try to avoid investing in goalkeepers) or to buy a team built on 83/84/85 rated players.

We recommend any of the cheap players as investments as seen here:,CDM,CM,CAM,CF,ST,LM,LW,LF,RM,RW,RF&player_rating=83-84&sort=ps_price&order=asc

3. 80+ Rated Fullbacks (LB/RB)

As we know from previous FIFA’s, when it comes to SBCs the fullbacks are the ones that tend to be the hardest to fit in a team. Thus, people have less selection and usually can only buy a small selection for that SBC hence they make amazing investments! Most people tend to use 80-82 rated fullbacks in solutions for an 84/85 rated SBC as the higher rated ones are pretty expensive. That is why we recommend to invest in popular nation fullbacks that are 80-83 rated. Have a look at the following list and invest in some of the fullbacks from the popular nations, even 83 Grimaldo at 3.4k is not a bad investment. Spanish players definitely have a premium and the next 83 rated LB is Digne who costs 2k more.,LWB,RB,RWB&sort=ps_price&order=asc

FIFA 20 Buying Tip For Investments

Try to buy your players either on Monday after the Weekend League, as people sell their teams and also get rewards from Squad Battles. Otherwise, Thursday is a good day to buy players as people get their rewards from Division Rivals and Weekend League. A benefit of buying these investments compared to players who are more popular is that you will benefit when many packs are being opened. Supply will increase massively for these lower rated players and demand does not rise significantly. These players are cheap because not many people want to use them in their teams, so their price will not increase when Weekend League nears as not many people want them in their team. 

Summary of Best FIFA 20 October Investments

In summary, you should definitely invest in the 3 categories we recommended. Diversifying your investments really helps reduce risk and always allows you to maximise your profit potential. This is the basic summary:

  • Stock your club with 84 rated informs before the 11th October
  • Before the 18th October stock your club with 83/84 rated players and 80+ rated fullbacks from popular nations

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