Best FIFA 20 House Rule Ultimate Team

Best FIFA 20 House Rule Ultimate Team

FIFA 20 has welcomed House Rules into FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT). The four modes are: swaps, mystery ball, king of the hill and max chemistry. You will see what is our favourite FIFA 20 house rule in FUT. 

FIFA 20 - Swaps House Rule

The Swaps house rule in FUT 20 is exclusive to Ultimate Team and is not available in the normal kickoff or pro club house rules. 

FIFA 20 Swaps allows you to play with your FIFA Ultimate Team squad against your friend and when you get into the match, three players on both teams swap over. This is completely random and the game randomly generates the swaps. You may be fortunate and get their Ronaldo while they get your Pukki. 

The changes are shown in-game with bibs on the players that are swapped. If you end up scoring with a player that is their player you will get double the goals. So instead of it being worth 1 point for 1 goal, it is 2 points for the goal.

FIFA 20 - Mystery Ball House Rule

The FIFA 20 mystery ball house rule is a very unique concept. When the ball goes out of play, the football will have a special ball type when it returns. Meaning, the ball will give you either 1-3 goals when you score the next goal without kicking the ball out. It constantly changes as the ball goes out for a thrown-in, goal kick or free kick. 

The ball also provides boosts to whoever is dribbling with the ball. The ball will either boost the players dribbling, shooting, passing or pace. If you get fortunate, you may get the “All Ball” which boosts the 4 stats at the same time!

FIFA 20 - Mystery Ball House Rule

FIFA 20 King of The Hill House Rules

The mystery ball FIFA 20 house rule is a concept similar to that from FPS games such as Call of Duty. You can keep the ball in the areas marked by the game and get a higher multipler to when you score.  As seen from the picture provided by EA, you can see that the meter in the area has filled to 3 which is the maximum multiplier. 

This means if you score a goal now it will count 3 times the value. So you would be winning 3-0 if you scored now and it was 0-0 as with the example. The multiplier fills up the longer you stay in the zone.

FIFA 20 - Max Chemistry House Rule

The FIFA 20 Max Chemistry house rule is pretty self explanatory. In FUT, we need to get our teams to have 100 chemistry for the players to get special boosts on their card stats. This is achieved by having either players from the same league or nation. 

Chemistry can be annoying when you want to try some fun teams and try your favourite players which might be in wierd leagues. Such as Hulk or Ibrahimovic. In the Max Chemistry house rule on FUT, all players will have 10 chemistry automatically. So you can try the teams that are most fun against your friends. Also, finally we can try to build the best possible teams in FIFA 20. Because you can put the best possible players in each position.

Summary For The Best FIFA 20 House Rule

In our opinion, the best FIFA 20 house rule comes down to Swaps and Max Chemistry. These are two new FIFA Ultimate Team exclusive house rules and provide us to use our own players and play within the FUT framework.

The Swaps house rule is a really fun game, especially because you can use and score with the players your friend has worked so hard to purchase. Plus, you get rewarded with 2 goals every time they score, so it is even more salt in their wounds!

The Max Chemistry house rule is also something we all have wanted to try out since FUT came into creation. This mode finally lets us try to build the best possible team on FIFA 20, however, the downside is that there is little you can do with all those players outside of playing FUT friendly matches. Maybe, EA are experimenting to see how we feel about playing without the effects of chemistry and potentially in the future they will remove chemistry all together!

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