5 Things Wrong With FIFA 20

5 Things Wrong With FIFA 20

It has arguably been the most calamitous start for EA in the timeline of FIFA’s history. Not only have there been extreme gameplay and career mode issues which essentially negate the use of the mode. But EA have been involved a data breach scandal, involving over 1600 users. Thus, compromising users sensitive data. We will also cover the FIFA 20 glitches and gameplay issues. Many suggest FIFA 20 is bad or at least broken at this early stage; we cover the main reasons why FIFA 20 has a 1.1 user score on Metacritic.

1. FIFA 20 Career Mode

It was a sad reality that when FIFA 20 officially launched on the 27th September the Career Mode had massive flaws. These issues have remained for weeks without a complete patch. It truly has left popular FIFA Career Mode YouTubers baffled with what to do. Some of the issues with FIFA 20 Career Mode are:

  • Unrealistic finishes in the league – so if you choose a Premier League team it is likely you will have teams in the top 6 finishing in odd positions (even in relegation!)
  • Competitors in the league playing players which are low rated and resting/selling their best players
  • Glitches: 75 game PL seasons, players being limited to 6ft 2, unable to edit players appearances without losing their ability to play multiple positions and even lose a rating point. There are even more glitches relating to calendar schedules, spelling mistakes, press conferences etc

EA suggest that fixes to the myriad of FIFA 20 career glitches should be seen at the earliest next week. Here is a reply for the question from an EA representative:

EA Career Mode Tweet

2. EA Data Breach

Unfortunately, EA suffered a terrible data breach when releasing the form to apply for the FIFA 20 Global Series. It affected over 1600 players and meant that their personal information was leaked to other users. A few professional FIFA players have voiced their frustrations and worries with how things were handled. The greatest concerns where not based on whether FIFA 20 is bad in terms of gameplay but actually rather on the ethics of EA. Have a look at EA’s official statement regarding the FIFA 20 data breach:

3. Button Delay

It is a shame that for most matches you play, you experience “button delay” or “button lag”. What this means is you press the button around 1-2 seconds before the actual intention takes place. It does not seem like much of a deal, but it certainly disrupts quick passing or wanting to get a shot off quickly before the defender recovers. We had button delay for the past few FIFA’s also, however, we were hopeful that it would change in FIFA 20. Button delay is especially frustrating in the super competitive FIFA 20 Weekend League, where you need to be able to perform at your 100% best. 

In addition, for those playing in the FIFA 20 global series this year there is some bad news also. Matches will be played on Division Rivals servers, meaning that they will have to endure the same button delay. Whereas last year the matches were played on a custom server.  

4. Lack of FUT Content

It has been 2 weeks since the launch and FIFA Ultimate Team already seems a little sterile. There has not been a plethora of new content as would be expected. For example, we have not seen any League SBCs yet as in previous years or any really amazing SBCs yet either. Have a look at what Nepenthez, one of the most famous FIFA YouTubers has to say:

5. General Glitches

Whether it be related to the servers or gameplay there have been a myriad of glitches in FIFA 20 thus far. It seems like the same cycle every year, where the first few days/weeks there is a massive influx of traffic to the game which causes the servers to go haywire. Where we miss hours of gameplay due to the servers being down. This year, it wasn’t just FIFA related but affected EA games in general such as Apex also. 

Gameplay wise, you can see a compilation of glitches on FIFA 20 if you search around on YouTube/Twitter. Here are just some glitches we have seen in the last few days:


In this article we have only addressed the things wrong with FIFA 20, however, we will also do a separate article on what EA have done right with FIFA 20 shortly. It is not that FIFA 20 is bad, however, it is certainly frustrating that the game has been released under developed. There is no doubt EA will release several patches shortly and hopefully most of the things wrong with FIFA 20 will change! 

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